Premier Division

1London United Gryphons A16140259114842
2Alliance FC Galaxy16131278136540
3German Canadian FC Bullets16113239192036
4Marconi Azzurri167271929-1023
5Alliance FC Lasers166373135-421
6Waterloo Wildfire SC166282740-1320
7Stratford City FC1650112565-4015
8St Thomas S.C. 1641112442-1813
9Southwest FC160016048-480

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Shae-Lynn VAN GASSENGerman Canadian FC Bullets15
2Nicole CAUDUROAlliance FC Galaxy13
3Sabrina DE NARDAlliance FC Galaxy12
4Berkley LAMBKINLondon United Gryphons A11
5Laura CHURCHILLLondon United Gryphons A9
6Brittany ALMEIDAWaterloo Wildfire SC8
7Julia CRNJAKAlliance FC Galaxy8
8Laura GIBSONAlliance FC Galaxy8
9Tonya BOWLESStratford City FC8
10Jessica HONGLondon United Gryphons A7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Courtney JAMESLondon United Gryphons A7
2Heather MCISAACAlliance FC Galaxy5
3Anna Kornmuller London United Gryphons A3
4Breanne CARREIROMarconi Azzurri3
5Samira SOMERAlliance FC Galaxy3
6Heather RAYMONDGerman Canadian FC Bullets1
7Jacquie BAKERSt Thomas S.C. 1
8Jessica GEMMELLWaterloo Wildfire SC1
9Kaela Pineda German Canadian FC Bullets1
10Kira MISURACAStratford City FC1
11Megan GIRARDIAlliance FC Galaxy1
12Zoe ZYTAWaterloo Wildfire SC1

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2nd Division West
Strathroy 4 - 3 GC Phoenix
Tax Nairn2nd0 - 0 SE Fusion Bl

3rd Division
Taxsc Nairn1 - 4 Taxandria B
Taxandria B1 - 1 Taxsc Nairn

Premier Division
Stratford CT1 - 2 Wildfire
AFC Lasers0 - 3 AFC Galaxy

Rec Division
Talbotville6 - 1 Taxandria C


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