1st Division

1Alliance FC Crush00000000
2Byron Womens SC Fury00000000
3Chatham YSC Chatham FC00000000
4German Canadian FC Blaze00000000
5German Canadian FC Fusion00000000
6Greater London S.C. Force00000000
7Ingersoll S.C. Flyers00000000
8London United S.C. Gryphons B00000000
9Sarnia FC00000000
10Sarnia Girls S.C. Sarnia Spirit00000000
11Taxandria S.C. Taxandria A00000000

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1st Division
Byron FuryPreChatham FC

2nd Division East
St ThomasPreNorth Huron
Marconi 2NdPreAFC 2Nd
PCL ThunderPreSouth Huron
LU ThunderPreSt Marys

2nd Division West
Ilderton IgnPreWestendblues
WL Shooting PreSarniaspirit
Strathroy PreGC Phoenix
Tax Nairn2ndPreSE Fusion Bl

3rd Division
WoodstockstrPreByron Force
Taxsc NairnPreTaxandria B
Taxandria BPreTaxsc Nairn
SW StormPreWallaceburg
St. ColumbanPreCroatia

Premier Division
AFC GalaxyPreAFC Lasers
LU GryphonsaPreSt Thomas
AFC LasersPreAFC Galaxy
MarconiPreGCFC Bullets

Rec Division
SU FusionPreBelmothunder
TalbotvillePreTaxandria C
StrikeforcePreGL Blizzard
BwcoldstreamPreGlencoe Gals
Belmont APreBelmothunder


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