2nd Division East

1Alliance FC 2Nd1410222481632
2St Thomas S.C. 1490526131327
3London Marconi Soccer Energy147163632422
4Portuguese Club Of London Thunder146263226620
5North Huron S.C. Tempest146262520520
6London United S.C. Thunder145181727-1016
7South Huron Rush145181932-1316
8St Marys S.C. Chargers142391738-219

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1Marianne FILSONNorth Huron S.C. Tempest15
2Eliana CASTELHANOPortuguese Club Of London Thunder11
3Kayla ZAKRZEWSKILondon Marconi Soccer Energy11
4Camilla CHALMERS Alliance FC 2Nd10
5Jessica FAIRFULLondon Marconi Soccer Energy8
6Alicia ADAMSPortuguese Club Of London Thunder7
7Maria KNIPSouth Huron Rush6
8Zoe GUBINCZKISt Thomas S.C. 6
9Brooke NETHERSOLELondon Marconi Soccer Energy5
10Haley AGIUSSt Thomas S.C. 5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Sarah DAVIES Alliance FC 2Nd8
2Marielle VAN SCHAIKNorth Huron S.C. Tempest5
3Christine NUTTINGLondon Marconi Soccer Energy4
4Abby VALIQUETTE Alliance FC 2Nd3
5Jaime Earhart St Thomas S.C. 2
6Katherine ESCHSouth Huron Rush2
7Presley GRUENERSt Thomas S.C. 2
8Briana MORRISLondon United S.C. Thunder1
9Christine CALHOUNLondon United S.C. Thunder1
10Emily VANMIERLOSouth Huron Rush1
11Haley Gordon St Thomas S.C. 1
12Jaylin WISMERSt Thomas S.C. 1
13Katie COENLondon Marconi Soccer Energy1
14Laura VAN DE WALLESt Marys S.C. Chargers1
15Riki CHENIERLondon United S.C. Thunder1
16Taylor MALCOLMPortuguese Club Of London Thunder1

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