Rec Division

1Belmont S.C. A18141357352243
2St Thomas S.C. B18131473284540
3Greater London S.C. Blizzard18122476235338
4Belmont S.C. Thunder18102650341632
5Talbotville Womens S.C.1884659401928
6Taxandria S.C. C187293542-723
7West Lorne Strikeforce186484571-2622
8Southend United S.C. Fusion1851123365-3216
9Glencoe Gals1831142768-4110
10Byron Womens S.C. Coldstream1822142978-498

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1Becca JEFFERSONBelmont S.C. A33
2COLLEEN MARCUSTalbotville Womens S.C.20
3Stephanie MITCHELLSt Thomas S.C. B20
4Tori HAFFNERGreater London S.C. Blizzard19
5Anna KARAHALIOSGreater London S.C. Blizzard18
6Lawren COMRIEGreater London S.C. Blizzard18
7Ashley ANNENSt Thomas S.C. B13
8Sarah PALLETTSouthend United S.C. Fusion11
9Julie REYNOLDSSt Thomas S.C. B10
10KRISTA FERGUSONTalbotville Womens S.C.10

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Karen NEELYGreater London S.C. Blizzard9
3Karla ELLIOTTSt Thomas S.C. B3
4Courtney ALLENTalbotville Womens S.C.2
5Elaine HUNTER-GUTIERREZGreater London S.C. Blizzard2
6Kayla MARCOUXTalbotville Womens S.C.2
7Sydney WILCOXTaxandria S.C. C2
8Alison TAMMINGATaxandria S.C. C1
9Amy BABCOCKGlencoe Gals1
10Beverly CONKEYSt Thomas S.C. B1
11Denise FOWLERSt Thomas S.C. B1
12Haleigh ROPSTaxandria S.C. C1
13Hayley RANKINSouthend United S.C. Fusion1
14Jada KREBSWest Lorne Strikeforce1
15Jaime EARHARTSt Thomas S.C. B1
16Marissa ASBERGSouthend United S.C. Fusion1
17Mattaya PALLETTSouthend United S.C. Fusion1
18Sarah HUCTWITHBelmont S.C. Thunder1
19Stephanie VAN BOMMELBelmont S.C. Thunder1
20Teegan TOWERSGlencoe Gals1

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2nd Division West
Strathroy 4 - 3 GC Phoenix
Tax Nairn2nd0 - 0 SE Fusion Bl

3rd Division
Taxsc Nairn1 - 4 Taxandria B
Taxandria B1 - 1 Taxsc Nairn

Premier Division
Stratford CT1 - 2 Wildfire
AFC Lasers0 - 3 AFC Galaxy

Rec Division
Talbotville6 - 1 Taxandria C


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