Rec Division

1Blizzard - Greater London S.C.00000000
2Bombers - Belmont S.C.00000000
3Coldstream - Byron Womens S.C.00000000
4Fusion - Southend United S.C.00000000
5Glencoe Gals - Glencoe Womens S.C.00000000
6St Thomas Reds C - St Thomas S.C.00000000
7Talbotville Womens S.C.00000000
8Taxandria C - Taxandria S.C.00000000
9Thunder - Belmont S.C.00000000
10West Lorne Strikeforce - W. L. Strikeforce S.C.00000000

There have been no games in the past 10 days

No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

No scoring leaders to display.

No shutouts to display.

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