Kick-Off Punctuality:

Referees and Clubs shall ascertain that all games start promptly and on schedule. Any breach may result in a fine and possible forfeiture of the game by the offending team.

Rained Out Games:

In the event the referee had to travel to a game that had to be called off due to unfit field conditions, said official shall be paid half the game fee and applicable travel expenses. The home team shall ensure that the game officials are paid their game fee and travel expenses immediately following the game.

Team Sheets:

Each team shall complete a team sheet in triplicate for each game and present same to the referee 15 minutes before kick-off. The sheet shall include the full name, jersey number and Ontario Soccer number of the player taking part in the game. Coaches and manager information including Ontario Soccer number must also be filled in. The referee will keep all 3 copies until the end of the game and will return to each team at the conclusion of the game with game score, goal scorers and cards filled in. If a team wants to check player cards, they must do this at least 15 minutes prior to kick off.

Game Sheets will be emailed to the league at

Miscellaneous Directives

The home team shall ensure that the game officials are paid their game fees within TEN minutes of the conclusion of the game.

Slight variations may occur with referees living outside these areas. Actual kilometres travelled to the grounds may be paid subject to the maximum.

There is no allowance required to be paid for assistant referees, as they are expected to travel together with the referee.

Nileston and Dorchester are considered part of London for travelling purposes and as such, no travel allowance is provided for referees travelling to these areas from London.

Games Not Played

Half the game fee plus travel will be paid to officials for games called off prior to kick-off due to unplayable field conditions, or teams not able to field a team.
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