Membership will be open to the following:

  • Teams belonging to clubs affiliated with the Elgin-Middlesex Soccer Association.
  • Teams of clubs affiliated with other District Associations provided they have the annual playing-out permission from their own District Association and playing-in permission from the Elgin-Middlesex Soccer Association.
  • Renewing members shall pay the membership fee before or by the Annual General Meeting.
  • New members will be admitted at the discretion of the executive committee and no later than January 31 of each year.


Each team shall register with the League the following information:

  • Name, address and telephone number and e-mail address of three (3) contact people
  • Name and location of their grounds
  • Team colours (All teams are required to play in their registered colours).
  • No team or club shall use a name similar to the name of another club in membership.
  • Any change in any of the above information shall be e-mailed to the League ( within five (5) days of the change. (It is the responsibility of the club to notify the other member clubs of any such changes. Failure to make such notification may result in disciplinary action being taken.)


  1. Complete the 2023 league application (must be completed electronically)  
  2. Registration fee $425.00. E-transfers are the preferred method of payment and may be sent to ( If you intend to provide a cheque, please ensure that it is endorsed to the “London & Area Women’s Soccer League”, not to “LAWSL”.
  3. If mailing membership fee send it with a copy of the completed  2023 league application and mail to the League or hand it in at the AGM.  
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