What We Are:

LAWSL is an amateur league composed of competitive and recreational female players over 15 years of age. It is the desire of the organizers of the league to improve the quality of play for players and spectators alike.


The London and Area Women’s Soccer League was established in 1975 by Ada Edwards, Bev Headley and Lorraine Johnston. Six teams applied for membership that first year. 

Many of our Premier teams enter the Ontario Cup. In 2007 one of our teams went all the way to the Canada Cup. Many of our players have won scholarships to universities or have gone on to coaching women’s teams at the university or high school level..

In 2005, the league sent an Over 30 division team to compete in the games in Edmonton and they never lost a game. In 2009, they are intending to compete in the Over 30 division games in Australia .

We have a website for players and coaches to access information easily and quickly which is kept updated by our webmaster.

Through the base work put into establishing this league by people such as Bev Headley, we have been able to expand our league while adhering to the rules that govern it.

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