2nd Division

1North Huron SC Tempest1814225694744
2London - St Thomas Croatia SC18132344152941
3West End SC Boom18131446153140
4Sarnia Girls SC Sarnia Spirit B1893646172930
5South Huron Rush1892742321029
6Alliance FC Azzuri1891854391528
7St Columban SC188464033728
8Norwest SC Bobcats1831142763-3610
9German Canadian FC Phoenix1831142565-4010
10Ingersoll SC18011712104-921

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1Josephine MORGADOAlliance FC Azzuri21
2Kiley STEWARTNorth Huron SC Tempest18
3Lindsay VERMUESt Columban SC16
4Abby WIPFLERLondon - St Thomas Croatia SC14
5Maria KNIPSouth Huron Rush12
6Holly FAIRWEATHERWest End SC Boom11
7Hillary THORPESouth Huron Rush10
8Marianne FILSONNorth Huron SC Tempest10
9Meghan BREDAGerman Canadian FC Phoenix8
10Lyndsi HULLSarnia Girls SC Sarnia Spirit B7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Marielle VAN SCHAIKNorth Huron SC Tempest15
2Tia THOMPSONLondon - St Thomas Croatia SC9
3Sarah DAVIESWest End SC Boom8
4Toria MCRAESarnia Girls SC Sarnia Spirit B6
5Alyssa STEPHENSSouth Huron Rush3
6Roseann SZYDLOWSKIAlliance FC Azzuri3
7Nicki VAN BAKELSt Columban SC2
8Ally KUIPERSLondon - St Thomas Croatia SC1
9Emma Hahn German Canadian FC Phoenix1
10Jocelyn PEARSONLondon - St Thomas Croatia SC1
11Megan FRASERNorwest SC Bobcats1
12Peytan CLAESSENSNorwest SC Bobcats1
13Reeghan CINCELLISarnia Girls SC Sarnia Spirit B1
14Regan HALLAMLondon - St Thomas Croatia SC1
15Shannon Madge North Huron SC Tempest1

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1st Division
GCFC Blaze0 - 2 Sarnia FC


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