2nd Division West

1Sarnia Girls S.C. Spirit14130160124839
2Ilderton District S.C. Ignite1491438221628
3West End Blues S.C. 147253328523
4Strathroy United FC147163635122
5German Canadian S.C. Phoenix145182338-1516
6Southend United S.C. Fusion Black144282840-1214
7Strike Force West Lorne Shooting Stars144282145-2414
8Taxandria S.C. Nairn1413101635-196

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1Breanna PRETTYSarnia Girls S.C. Spirit21
2Alysia KNAPPStrathroy United FC17
3Maria VANISarnia Girls S.C. Spirit15
4Selena DIRVENIlderton District S.C. Ignite11
5Stephanie MURPHYWest End Blues S.C. 9
6Debbie LEVESLEYStrike Force West Lorne Shooting Stars8
7Chanelle RUBIO-WEBSTER-BROWNGerman Canadian S.C. Phoenix7
8Faith FERRATOIlderton District S.C. Ignite7
9Kylie HAMILTONSouthend United S.C. Fusion Black7
10Abby ALLARDYCESarnia Girls S.C. Spirit6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Toria MCRAESarnia Girls S.C. Spirit7
2Kirsten VANDENHEUVELIlderton District S.C. Ignite5
3Mercedees TRETHAWAYStrathroy United FC2
4 Southend United S.C. Fusion Black1
5Emily HASKETTTaxandria S.C. Nairn1
6Karen Neeley German Canadian S.C. Phoenix1
7Rebecca RICKWOODWest End Blues S.C. 1
8Stephanie LEYSStrike Force West Lorne Shooting Stars1

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2nd Division West
Strathroy 4 - 3 GC Phoenix
Tax Nairn2nd0 - 0 SE Fusion Bl

3rd Division
Taxsc Nairn1 - 4 Taxandria B
Taxandria B1 - 1 Taxsc Nairn

Premier Division
Stratford CT1 - 2 Wildfire
AFC Lasers0 - 3 AFC Galaxy

Rec Division
Talbotville6 - 1 Taxandria C


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