1Alliance FC Crush1511404673937
2German Canadian FC Bullets16113252183436
3SC London Serbs 15103261144733
4BWSC Byron Fury1610243729832
5German Canadian FC Fusion164481833-1516
6Sarnia Girls SC Sarnia Spirit1624102244-2210
7London United SC 1623112172-519
8St. Thomas SC Reds1611141555-404

There have been no games in the past 10 days

DateHome Away
Oct 2SC London Serbs -v- Alliance FC Crush

1Vanessa DREDGESC London Serbs 18
2Taylor CAMERONSC London Serbs 13
3Sabrina GIGANTEAlliance FC Crush12
4Shauna MALEKGerman Canadian FC Bullets12
5Abby SPRIGGSLondon United SC 11
6Laura RomansonBWSC Byron Fury10
7Lauren WINQUISTGerman Canadian FC Bullets8
8Kaitlyn ManicomBWSC Byron Fury7
9Kaitlyn AustinBWSC Byron Fury7
10Katie PARKERAlliance FC Crush7

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Meg HAGGITTAlliance FC Crush10
2Aly PearsallBWSC Byron Fury3
3Heather MACISSACAlliance FC Crush3
4Morgan GRANTSC London Serbs 3
5Breanne CARREIRO (CALL-UP)SC London Serbs 2
6Jaylin WISMERSt. Thomas SC Reds2
7Kelsey Russel-Murray German Canadian FC Bullets2
8Kelsey Russell Muray German Canadian FC Fusion2
9Maddy Astridge German Canadian FC Bullets2
10Darci TUFFINSC London Serbs 1
11Jensen THORNTONLondon United SC 1
12Kayla Pineda German Canadian FC Fusion1
13Kelsey Russel Murray German Canadian FC Bullets1
14Shaylyn PIERCESarnia Girls SC Sarnia Spirit1

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1st Division
GCFC Blaze0 - 2 Sarnia FC


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