3rd Division

1Tillsonburg FC18143172155745
2Southend United SC Fusion Black18143175225345
3West End SC Blues18122464273738
4Ilderton SC Ignite18112566392735
5Southwest SC Storm18102647301732
6Woodstock FC Strikers B186483329422
7PCL Thunder1862104250-820
8German Canadian FC Eagles182214980-718
9St Marys SC Chargers1814131271-597
10Taxandria SC - Taxandria B181215966-575

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1Brooke FICCAWest End SC Blues29
2Selena DIRVENIlderton SC Ignite29
3Kelsey PFEIFERPCL Thunder20
4JEN PATHYTillsonburg FC17
5Jordin HIGGSSouthend United SC Fusion Black16
6MARA WILSONTillsonburg FC15
7Hannah DEVRIESSouthend United SC Fusion Black13
8Paighton FIELDHOUSESouthwest SC Storm12
9Carly STEWARTSouthend United SC Fusion Black11
10Jessica GOYEAUSouthend United SC Fusion Black11

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Kayla MARCOUXWest End SC Blues6
3Alexis BIRCHWoodstock FC Strikers B5
4Kaitlyn BOWDENSouthwest SC Storm5
5Caitlyn GERRITSIlderton SC Ignite4
6EMILY SAGETillsonburg FC4
7Danielle COOPERSouthend United SC Fusion Black3
8Emma FERBERIlderton SC Ignite3
9Tysina Mein Southend United SC Fusion Black3
10Haille IFABUMUYIPCL Thunder2
11Jade Green Southend United SC Fusion Black2
12Lieve DE RONDTaxandria SC - Taxandria B2
13Sarah PAWELECSouthwest SC Storm2
14Taylor MALCOMPCL Thunder2
15Cody CODY VAN LIEROPSt Marys SC Chargers1
16Lauren KENNEDYIlderton SC Ignite1
17Olivia BECKETTSt Marys SC Chargers1
18Samantha ST. CROIXGerman Canadian FC Eagles1

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3rd Division
St Marys1 - 9 Southendutd


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