3rd Division

1West End Blues SC - West End Boom16131240152540
2Tillsonburg FC16113261273436
3Southwest Storm16102448242432
4PCL - Thunder168263932726
5Woodstock FC - Strikers B166373635121
6St Marys SC - Chargers165382535-1018
7GCFC - Eagles1620141155-446
8Taxandria SC - Taxandria B161213744-375

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1Jen PATHYTillsonburg FC16
2Kelsey PFEIFERPCL - Thunder13
3Emily DAVISSouthwest Storm11
4Kirsten DE JONGSt Marys SC - Chargers11
5Mariah GOODINGTillsonburg FC10
6Emily LEGERTillsonburg FC9
7Morgan RENKEMAWoodstock FC - Strikers B9
8Celina VALVANOSouthwest Storm8
9Hanne ROELENSouthwest Storm7
10Camilla CHALMERSWest End Blues SC - West End Boom6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Sarah DAVIESWest End Blues SC - West End Boom9
2Taylor MALCOLMPCL - Thunder5
3Kaitlyn BOWDENSouthwest Storm4
4Alexis BIRCHWoodstock FC - Strikers B3
5Ellen WESTELAKENSt Marys SC - Chargers2
6Emily SAGETillsonburg FC2
7Sydney VICKERSGCFC - Eagles2
8Brenna THOMSONSt Marys SC - Chargers1
9Laura VAN DE WALLE St Marys SC - Chargers1
10Rachel HIGGINSTaxandria SC - Taxandria B1
11Shania HIEBERTTillsonburg FC1

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