3rd Division

1St. Columban S.C.18132378453341
2Woodstock S.C. Strikers18114354351937
3German Canadians S.C. Thunderbirds18101766481831
4Southwest Storm1892749381129
5Taxandria S.C. Taxandria B189274141029
6Byron Womens S.C. Force188284245-326
7Dorchester S.C. Sapphires188283740-326
8Wallaceburg S.A. Lady Sting1871103336-322
9Taxandria S.C. Nairn1843112744-1715
10London St Thomas Croatia 1811161772-554

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1Sierra BURTSt. Columban S.C.33
2Samantha FOWLESTaxandria S.C. Taxandria B22
3Emily DAVISSouthwest Storm21
4Abbey ZAMECGerman Canadians S.C. Thunderbirds12
5Delayna SMITHSt. Columban S.C.12
6Stefanie GENEREAUXGerman Canadians S.C. Thunderbirds11
7Becky LOYENSSouthwest Storm10
8Elizabeth SUTHERLANDByron Womens S.C. Force10
9Jennifer HUTCHINSONTaxandria S.C. Nairn10
10Lexi TEMPLEMAN St. Columban S.C.10

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Elyse SCHEIDByron Womens S.C. Force4
2Kelsea ELLISWallaceburg S.A. Lady Sting4
3Kaitlyn BOWDENDorchester S.C. Sapphires3
4Emily DAVIDSONTaxandria S.C. Nairn2
5Karen NEELEYGerman Canadians S.C. Thunderbirds2
6Krista CONCEPCIONSouthwest Storm2
7Rachel MUIRWoodstock S.C. Strikers2
8Rebecca VANOSTaxandria S.C. Taxandria B2
9Sarah LEAITCHGerman Canadians S.C. Thunderbirds2
10Dakota BACHERTSt. Columban S.C.1
11Jaimi CHAUVINWallaceburg S.A. Lady Sting1
12Janita ENTERTaxandria S.C. Taxandria B1
13Julie OLIVEIRAByron Womens S.C. Force1
14Megan TURRESByron Womens S.C. Force1
15Shelby BEECROFTSouthwest Storm1

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2nd Division West
Strathroy 4 - 3 GC Phoenix
Tax Nairn2nd0 - 0 SE Fusion Bl

3rd Division
Taxsc Nairn1 - 4 Taxandria B
Taxandria B1 - 1 Taxsc Nairn

Premier Division
Stratford CT1 - 2 Wildfire
AFC Lasers0 - 3 AFC Galaxy

Rec Division
Talbotville6 - 1 Taxandria C


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