Recreational Division

1Southend United SC Fusion1615016495545
2Talbotville Womens SC 16140292335942
3Greater London SC Blizzard16101554223231
4Belmont SC Bulldogs168354344-127
5Strikeforce FC West Lorne166373839-121
6Strathroy United FC B153392747-2012
7Taxandria SC - Taxandria C1532101534-1911
8Glencoe Womens SC 1624103458-2410
9BWSC Coldstream16121320101-815

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1Ashley BRADISHTalbotville Womens SC 38
2Meaghan HOWSONSouthend United SC Fusion20
3CARLY STEWARTStrikeforce FC West Lorne19
4Laura PAULIGreater London SC Blizzard17
5Jessica BRUNSVELDSouthend United SC Fusion13
6Andie AlbertTalbotville Womens SC 12
7Payton BRINEBelmont SC Bulldogs12
8Anna KARAHALIOSGreater London SC Blizzard11
9Krista FergusonTalbotville Womens SC 10
10Megane BOUCHER-BRIEREGlencoe Womens SC 10

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Emily DAVIDSONSouthend United SC Fusion10
2Kaela PINEDAGreater London SC Blizzard3
3Elaine HUNTER GUTIERREZGreater London SC Blizzard2
4JENNIFER LONGStrikeforce FC West Lorne2
5Kerrie FeickTalbotville Womens SC 2
6Madison WATSONStrathroy United FC B2
7Sarah O'HAGANTaxandria SC - Taxandria C2
8Alison TAMMINGATaxandria SC - Taxandria C1
9Amberlee LAMBGreater London SC Blizzard1
10Andie AlbertTalbotville Womens SC 1
11Danielle FARQUHARSONBWSC Coldstream1
12JULIE OLIVEIRAStrikeforce FC West Lorne1
13KELLY AZEVEDOStrikeforce FC West Lorne1
14Megan VANDEVYVEREBelmont SC Bulldogs1
15Sarah HORNBLOWERTaxandria SC - Taxandria C1

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1st Division
GCFC Blaze0 - 2 Sarnia FC


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